Sumaco General Trading is a subsidiary of Sumaco group established with the aim of providing varieties of trading services to its immediate environment and beyond.



Sumaco General Trading can boast of an annual turnover of over USD 5,000,000.00. This is as a result of our excellent dealings with clients all over the world. We do not make mistakes when it comes to Trading of varieties of products. We are very reliable, effective and efficient.

Sumaco General Trading posseses a team of highly qualified, experienced ,technical and administrative staff who work diligently to ensure that trading activities goes on smoothly with our clients. We pride ourselves on the reputable business relationships we have built with our clients/customers over the years.

One thing that makes us outstanding amongst other trading companies is our smooth product distribution channel. This is in addition to our ability to represent great products in the UAE , Gulf Regions and the Global environment at large. Currently, Sumaco General Trading represents and distributes numerous products ranging from household products to consumable items. .

Products we represent in UAE & Gulf Regions:

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