Sumaco Management Consulting is a subsidiary of Sumaco group established with the aim of providing management consultancy services.

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Sumaco General Contracting deals majorly in the supply of administrative consultancy and studies services. We assist companies through various methods which includes telephone, internet, fax and other remote methods. We believe so much in the fact that company progress helps to reduce fixed costs while simultaneously making use of skilled professionals. .

Sumaco General Contracting posseses a team of highly qualified, experienced ,technical and administrative staff who work diligently to ensure that you can focus on core business tasks while we handle your adnministrative tasks. We understand that administrative duties can sometimes be very overwhelming , that is exactly why we are there for you and your company to ease the burden..

What makes us special at Sumaco General Contracting is our long-lasting ability to handle our client's administrative duties without making the same mistakes that are usually made in everyday business tasks, we leave no stone unturned. This is something we have done over and over again in the couple of years back. We make sure our clients can sit back and have the utmost trust that we will do what is best for them. Sumaco General contracting ensures utmost satisfaction of her customers by building trust and confidence, we make our clients feel secured with us.

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