Established Since 1984

With the formation of UNITED ARAB EMIRATES in the early seventies, it was a dream of every citizen to make this new country a heaven for all residents, whether locals or expatriates. A marathon march for the national construction started and many national with multi-national companies joined hands for exploration of opportunities.

Sumaco was created to supplement the diversified activities of other members especially Sumaco Manpower Recruitment, Sumaco Enterprises & Sumaco Contracting who were offering their specialized services to the Major Oil & Gas Companies, Water & Electricity Department, Public Works and Housing Department and other Government Departments to the development of basic infrastructure of the country.

About Sumaco Group

Sumaco, serving the Oil & Gas Projects, Government and Semi-Government Organizations, Multi-national Contractors and reputed companies for their requirement in various fields for more than two decades.

Sumaco Group of Companies

Below are the subsidiaries under Sumaco


Access to over 1 million active and passive candidates

Direct & Contract Hires


Oil and gas fields facility services

Diverse activities in material &equipment supply …


All kinds of building projects contracting

Maintenance & repair


Activities in Product Distributorship

Importing and Exporting Products …


Expert in Administrative Studies

Diverse activities in Administrative Consultancy

Our Services

Here are some of the things we do at Sumaco Group

Sumaco Group Sales and Purchases

Heavy Equipment Hire, Sales and Purchases

Sumaco Group Oil and Gas

Trading in Oil & Gas Fields Supplies and Services

Sumaco Group Supplier of Equipment and Materials

Supplier of Equipment and Materials of various kinds and categories

Sumaco Group Sponsorship for Foreign Companies Interested in UAE

Sponsorship for Foreign Companies Interested in UAE

Sumaco Group Placement of Human Resources and Manpower

Placement of Human Resources and Manpower

Sumaco Group Dealing with World Reputed Manufacturers & Service Companies

Dealing with World Reputed Manufacturers & Service Companies

Our Valued Clients

Here are some of our valued clients

ISO Certifications

Since 1984, we have provided our clients with an award-winning sdervice based on confdence and trust

Our USAS accreditation is a key part of the confidence we can guarantee our clients . Our accredited ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 certificates all come with the security that only comes from Government-backed certification.

Global Activities

We are worldwide

Sumaco Group In Singapore


Sumaco Group In UAE

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sumaco Group In Houston

Houston, USA

Sumaco Group In Kurdistan

Erbil, Kurdistan

Sumaco Group In South Africa

Durban, South Africa

At Sumaco General Trading

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